Sunday, October 27, 2013

Review: Tent City

Tent City
Kelly Van Hull

After a devastating plague, introverted 17-year-old Dani Campbell and her family find themselves living in a very different America, one run by a cult-like leader, who forces children to move to "safety camps" designed to protect the human race. Encouraged to flee by her parents, Dani and her five-year-old brother seek refuge in the Black Hills of South Dakota. On the run with danger around every corner, Dani must fight to ensure their survival in this new world while trying to unmask the mystery of how it all came to be.

First of all, don't let the 3.5 scare you.  The story overall is great.  I lowered my rating because some of the details in the story just left me going "Wait... What??" and feeling rather confused.  

Like, I really didn't understand the whole government using ARSENIC to kill locust.  I mean, it's a poison we've known about for quite sometime now... we kind of know what the effect will be.  

WHY would the government choose to use it as pest control?  I think I would have understood it better if it was just some crazy shit we came up with and tried out and then realized that it was deadly.  

That's believable. 

It was little things like that, that caused me to drop the rating.  

HOWEVER, beyond that its a really good book and I love the characters Van Hull creates.

I adore Dani.  I was really unsure of her in the first few chapters, but by the end of the book I loved her.

I also loved the boys.  OMG the boys.  Poor Dani, I totally get why she's having hell picking one.  I love both Jack and Bentley for entirely different reasons.  Bentley is just that bad-ass make you swoon kind of guy.  He's kind of a jerk, but you KNOW why he's a jerk, and it's not because he's just an asshole. When he's being sweet he's really OMG adorable, and you just love him.  Then there is Jack who is just all selfless, fix everything, protective, hot doctor swoon worthy dude.  When he's taking care of Dani and Brodi and everyone else you can't help but fall for him.  Oh, and lets complicate this by making them brothers (which I kind of hate actually).  What is a girl to do???

Oh, and the end!  WHAT WAS THAT!?!?!

Seriously.  There is no word on a Book Two (AND THERE BETTER BE A BOOK TWO), and as I'm getting closer to the end I'm thinking, "There is noooo way she can wrap this in the 20 pages that are left... no way!"  She totally doesn't.  Instead she just leaves us hanging there, mouth hanging open, going "oh shit...  wtf just happened..."

It's a cliffhanger from hell.  Seriously.

Overall, I would recommend that you give the book a try.  It's not a bad read at all and its got major potential for book two to be awesome.

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