Saturday, February 8, 2014

Review: Waterfell by Amalie Howard

(Aquarathi, #1)
Amelie Howard
1.0/5.0 stars

Disclaimer: At 62% I gave up torturing myself and just skimmed the rest of it.

I tried sooo hard but I just couldn't do it guys. I kept on reading thinking praying this would get better. But it got to the point where I either skimmed it or my head was going to start spinning like the exorcist chick. I wish I could say something nice about this book but I hated everything about it.

Waterfell is about Nerissa, an Aquarathi (basically a sea monster) princess who came onto land when her parents died. She is afraid of the responsibility of being the Queen and the potential threats she would face. So her plan is to stay on land and just play human forever.

Nerissa -I think I hate Rissa more than any other MC I've ever read. She was selfish, immature, petty and a whole bunch of other bad adjectives. She doesn't want to take on the responsibility of being a queen but she sure has no qualms with acting like a spoiled little princess and tossing her royalty into her companions' faces to get her way. Anytime she was in any "danger" I was hoping she'd get hurt. In fact, I wanted to jump through the book myself and punch her in the face every few pages. I was sooo frustrated by how clueless she is. She whines and angsts out over bs while ignoring obvious things a ten year old could figure out.

Lotharius Seavon- Lotharious. Seavon. *eyeroll* seriously? I don't know how naming him that ever seemed like a good idea. I also don't see why comparing his hair to wet sand is a good thing, but I digress. He's a competitive surfer from Hawaii who is the object of Rissa's affection obsession. He was supposedly cocky and arrogant in what I think was supposed to be a Daemon-esque way but he just ended up being bland. The only cocky thing he really did was smile smugly and make an occasional quip that wasn't even that sharp.

The other characters all seem designed to make plot devices happen. They all praise Rissa and show her loyalty that I think is supposed to make me think she's awesome, cuz hey- she has to be for these people to love her, right? Or in one of their cases make Lo seem like something special. Because they don't easily like new people so he must just instinctually know this new kid is cool. Once in a blue moon one of them will finally call her out on her bs but then they apologize almost immediately after. *headdesk*

Cara- the arch-nemesis and former best friend. She was the first reason I hated Rissa. Rissa talks nonstop about how horrible and mean she is. Problem is- Rissa is actually the horrible mean one. Cara's reason for ending their friendship is completely understandable, Rissa continues to antagonize her and all Cara does is give her dirty looks. In one of the first scenes (while they are in a game with their field hockey team) Rissa refuses to pass to her out of petty spite while telling us how mean and immature Cara is. Umm....WHAT??? I still don't understand where the author was going with the Rissa/Cara thing. It just made me hate Rissa more and more.

The romance- I don't even know whether to laugh or slam my head into the table a few times to see if I can erase it from my memory. This is instalove hell. She sees him and his wet sand hair and is like OhMiGaaawd but she doesn't want to like him so she acts like a total bitch. She's mad if he's trying to talk to her but she's mad if he isn't. If he even acknowledges another female exists she's livid but she lashes out at him anytime he so much as glances at her. So much angst for no reason and it takes over the entire plot. No, scratch that, it basically is the whole plot.

Plot twists- Smfh. I saw everything coming from ten miles away. The fact that Nerissa didn't just made me even more agitated with her. Hello, stop angsting and whining for five seconds and you might actually see what's going on. Also- the names...*headdesk*.

I hate writing negative reviews but there was just nothing redeemable about this for me. I wouldn't recommend this book for anyone unless you love instalove and ridiculous angst.

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