Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Second Sign and The Second Shadow by Elizabeth Arroyo

The Second Sign
Elizabeth Arroyo

The Second Shadow
Elizabeth Arroyo

I was super nervous about this series.  I absolutely loved the blurbs for both of the books, so of course, I caved and requested both of them.  I kinda forgot about it and then... I got approved.  That's when I suddenly realized just how many times I had picked up a book about angels/demons and then absolutely hated it.  However, I said I'd do it, and I put on my big girl panties and hunkered down.  

I started reading the books and I realized that, I, in fact, didn't like these books..... 


They seriously embody everything I love in a book.  They are dark, gritty, intense, and should totally come with a warning label or two.  Some of the scenes in this book read like a horror movie.  Not one of those cheesy horror movies you watch and laugh about, but like a for real horror flick.  I actually attempted to start reading this before I went to bed one night and had to put it down because I found myself doing this:

Only my other hand was still trying to hold the book above the blankie peek hole so I could still read.

I made myself put it down, and attempted to sleep... only to end up waking up every hour with some seriously wicked nightmares.  

However, once daylight hit, I was back to reading in full force and actually read through both books in one day.  They were THAT good.  

I really loved the main characters.  Gabby has such a messed up life and bad luck follows her everywhere.  I love that she doesn't let it tear her down, and instead it just makes her stronger.  Jake is a bit tricky.  One minute I was all about Jake, and then the next I wanted to stab him with a spork and watch him bleed out slowly.  It was kind of a fun ride though.  My favorite character in the whole series has got to be Jose however, because Jose is freaking awesome.  He's got a serious streak of bad-ass and his humor provided some seriously well placed comic relief.  He might just be a supporting character, but he seriously stole the spotlight for me.  If you asked me for a list of my favorite lines, almost all of them would be Jose's.  

The story line, the pacing, the intensity, everything - was perfect.  It's a very, very well written series, and I highly, highly recommend you read it.

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